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Transition series Course#N193 teaches.......
         'How to' transition From Chemically treated hair to
                                        Natural hair

                                Protective Hair Styling
                             Methods for Natural Hair

                                Product Development
                                     How to create
your own hair smoothies, and product for natural hair

                                      The 5 keys to
successful stretching coiled natural hair minus heat
              25 naturalhair styles that do not require heat

        Beautiful,..Smooth,.. Bounce and Shine...without heat
             The secrets to styling naturally curly hair.
       Detangling methods that is a sure win for every client

  Reform/ Rearange your coiled hair without chemical process

                        'How to' properly blow out hair
                     10 Bantu knot  styles that he will love.
                           20 Twist styles that he will love.
         Hair styling methods for all lenghts of natural hair
    Make it shine( 7 natural secrets to a healthy lasting shine)

                             Hair Braiding Basics

                          THE HISTORY OF HAIR BRAIDING  
                    Extension hair selection for intended style
  Adding hair extensions for 3 strand hair braiding(Overhand)

Adding hair Extensions for 3 strand hair braiding( Underhand)

Adding Hair Extensions For 2 Strand Twist aka Senegalese Twist

                       Adding Hair Extensions for Cornrows
                            Hair Braiding Ergononmics
                                Healthy Hair Braiding

                               Basics Course #P219

    Getting to know your clients Hair*click here to preview  

       How to invigorate hair growth(Alopecia Clients)  

How to successfully Match Hair Braiding and Extension Art with hair Density, Client

                           Lifestyle,  cost effeciency...

                 Proper Hair parting Course #P220

      Professional Parting hair for  Designer Cornrow Braiding
       Professional Parting for Fishtail Braiding w/extensions
                            Paritng For Senegalese twist
                            Parting for Micro Braiding
                     Parting for individual Hair Braiding

                 Hair Braiding Techniques w/ Extensions 

                                   Senegalese twist

                                      Tree braiding

                                    Micro Braiding

                          Layered Hair Braiding (pixie)

 Lace Braiding

Fishtail Braiding

Fishtail Braiding in an up do


Braided Bob

Over braid

Braiding to add color

Braiding to change color

Lacing Braid

Feeding Braid

Braided Crowns

Individual Braid

Human hair braids

Bantu knots

Flat Twists

Silky Locs

Yarn Braiding

Dread loc extensions

Pretreating clients hair for Hair Braiding Service (all hair types)

  Sealing Hair Braides that include Extensions

Hot dip w/ styling tools ( create curly, crimped,
straight and other hair braides)

Blow dry seal

Singe seal/ cut

Layer singe seal / cut

             Natural Hair Braiding and Styling



Hair Braiding and beading

Senegalese twist(individual)

Senegalese twist (on the scalp)

Fishtail braiding

Wedding braid

Creating hair buns w/ hair braiding

Comb twist

Beginning Hair Locs

Beginning Sista Locs

Beginning Brotha Locs

Hair Loc Styling

Hair Loc Maintenance

African style Hair Wrapping

Press and Comb prep

Press and comb

Proper comb out(tools, and product included)

How to prevent hair breakage

How to shampoo correctly(technique and proper product
selection is taught)

Conditioning hair against environmental dangers

Natural Hair setting techniques

                        Hair Extension Techniques

Cold fusion

Cross thread extension unit (for Density)

Mini Micro Sew In

Micro Link System

Unit creation

Braided foundation Sew in

Interlocking Sew in

Closure Creation

How to create a skin like closure using various

Lace front wig making

Using lace front closure

Strand by strand extension methods

Pretreating Client natural hair for extension
techniques(all hair types)

                                     Business Basics

New Age Business Marketing

Beginning Accounting made easy

How to build your Business

Maximize earnings, while keeping the Natural Hair and

Hair Braiding Business Simple

Building your house on the rock (building a strong
business foundation).

How to make your earnings work for you (3 things you
must invest in)

Time management (properly schedule your clients)
More than 4 points( Hair Braiding and Hair Extension

Successfully create a Global Hair Braiding

             Admissions and Registration

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