"We don't just show you how, we teach you"




Youth Initiative ​​

Hair Braiding Starlets

Legislated Digital Hair Braiding College in the world 

We are dedicated to extending quality education to our youth in the inner city communities and world wide with our Hair Braiding Starlets Afterschool program.
Meet Jessica 
Student of the Month
March 2014
Clearwater, FL

Change to the administrative code made in 2009. State of Florida House Floor substantiating Digital Hair Braiding Board of Cosmetology approved curiculum.. 
BARDA Hair Braiding College began in 2002 and was formed in 2004. We have been "assisting you on your path to excellence" for 12years

Meet Mariam Barrow


Mariam graduted the Florida State Hair Braiding Licensing Course program in 2007. This Gambia, Africa native is one of the best hair braiders in the country. 
Visit Her Salon Mairam's African Hair Braiding on Central Ave in Saint Petersburg, FL
Call 877-272-3136

Meet Nkiruka 

Student of the month

May 2014

Jacksonville, FL
contact: 727-488-2332

Meet us September 2-4 at the Golden Comb International Hair Show Competition 2017
  Hosted by Ernisa Barnwell Media Group

Are you going to the Golden Comb Hair Show Competition  'Hair Braiding Trade Show'? We are.
Look for us in the Education Programs Directory
Ndeye Ba
Senegal, West Africa
      Learn how to braid 
Product Development 

                 Start from scratch

        Develop your own product line

So you think to yourself,... I would love to know how to braid. Can BARDA HAIR BRAIDING COLLEGE teach me how to braid from scratch?
                             Yes, we can.
"We don't just show you how, we teach you." Learn Hair Braiding, Hair Extensions and Natural Hair from the beginning. 
Everything has a GENESIS. There is nothing wrong with starting from the beginning. 
 Standing behind the chair is not for everybody.
  If your idea of being in the Hair Braiding , and Natural Hair business is being out amongst the people,  selling your own hair product line, you may need to consdier our Product Development Courses.
  Maybe you do stand behind the chair and you want a new way to help your clients retain certain factors of a hair regimen as well as an avenue to sell retail.........
                  Create your own product.
We have a product development class just for you.

Reciprocity to any State in the U.S.

Attention Attention Investors! Let your money work for you. Hair Braiders love to braid, professional Hair braiders love to braid for a living, and investors love to make money financing other peoples' passion. If you want to be in the hair braiding business but have no desire to stand behind a chair or manage a salon, earn a return on your divedend through the principles of reaping and sowing. Contact us today about the Investor package that is right for you. 
Complete your Florida State Hair Braiding License today and become a business owner tomorrow.
 At BARDA HAIR BRAIDING COLLEGE ™ " We don't just show you we teach you" Learn a trade that will never go out of style or business. Become a professional Hair braider today.
Location is key when considering opening a Hair Braiding or hair Extension Salon. Don't leave the success of your business to chance, allow over a decade of experience to go to work for you. No matter what City or State in the U.S. we have you covered when it comes to the Real Estate of Hair Braiding.